General questions
No, when placing an order, you receive a link to the selected item on the app, which you can share with anyone, anywhere. The main goal is to assemble a group of people big enough to fill the required order.
Do I need to assemble a group of my friends only?
In the initial phases of our launch, the pickup points will be limited to certain areas which you will be able to see on the app. As we grow, we will add extra pickup points to make your SOLshop experience even more convenient to you.
Where are the pickup points located?
Yes. When you shop at SOLshop, you can create a group and invite other buyers to join your group, or you can join groups created by other people.

No, you don’t need to worry about which pickup point other members of your group have chosen. In order to make a purchase, you need to assemble a group of buyers, but your order will be delivered to the pickup point that is convenient for you.
Can I join other people’s groups?
A group is a number of buyers that need to get together to order the product you have selected. You can find the exact number of buyers needed in the product’s description.
What is a “Group”?
Do members of a group have to pick up their order from the same pickup point?
In order to ensure the lowest possible price, we rely on the bulk purchase of our products. You can either create a group or join an existing group, or you can fill an order by yourself by purchasing all of the required stock
Can I buy the product on my own?
SOLshop is a unique new platform which brings local suppliers and groups of users together to buy in bulk.
Now you don't have to pay more!
Create groups with your friends, neighbours and relatives then choose what you want from a wide range of quality products and get amazing wholesale prices!
Buy together. Save together.
What is SOLshop
You can always use the Support chat within the app – we will be glad to help you!
How do I reach Support if I have more questions?
Enter your phone number and tap “get code”, then enter the code you receive on the sms or just login using your Facebook profile.
How do I register?
After you are registered in the app you will be able to make new orders and access information about your previous orders. You cannot make an order until you are registered.
Why do I need to register?
Your phone number is needed to make an order and receive notifications about your order status. You cannot register without a valid phone number.
Why do you need my phone number?
Check that the phone number you have entered is correct and that you are currently in an area with good mobile coverage. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to receive the message. If you do not receive the message within 4 minutes, please request the code once more.
What if I don’t receive the SMS code?
Making an order
You need to select the product you wish to order, then join an existing Group or create your own group. After that you will be able to make an order.
How do I make an order?
Every user regardless of the Group can choose their own Pickup Point to collect their order. You and your friends can collect your order at any Pickup Point that is available and closest to you.
Does every member of the Group need to choose the same Pickup Point?
You cannot join a group if there have been no groups created for this product yet. You will need to create your own group by choosing “Create group” in the product description.
Why can’t I see any groups to join in the product description?
You can pay for your order either using your bank card or using the Wallet. You can even use both in the same order: the card and the Wallet. Please note: the order is only complete after you pay for it.
How do I pay?
To keep our prices as low as possible, we deliver your orders to one of our Pickup Points where you can collect it. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the order to your doorstep.
What is a Pickup Point?
If you have any questions about your order do not hesitate to contact us in the app Support chat so we can help you make changes to your order.
You can also change your Pickup Point on your own if the order is not complete yet.
Can I change my order?
Use the “Share” button to invite your friends to the group using WhatsApp, Facebook or another social network of your choice.
How do I invite my friends to join my Group?
If you have any questions upon your order do not hesitate to contact us in the app Support chat so we can help you make changes to your order. Note: you cannot cancel an order once the group is filled and the order is completed.
How do I cancel my order?
If a Group is not complete within the timeframe stated in the product description, your order will automatically be cancelled and the funds will be automatically returned.
How do I return my funds if we haven’t managed to get the full Group in time?
Delivery and collection
You can find the estimated delivery time in the product description. The sooner the Group is complete, the sooner we will be able to send your order and deliver the product to your chosen Pickup Point.
When can I collect my order?
You can check the status of your order in the “Orders” menu within the app.
How do I check the status of my order?
You will receive an SMS that your order is available at the Pickup Point. If you haven’t received the notification, please contact us in the app Support chat.
You can also check the status of your order and your Verification code in the “Orders” menu within the app.
How do I know when my order has arrived at the Pickup Point?
You will need to provide your phone number and your Verification code at the Pickup Point. You can find the code in the “Orders” menu within the app once your order has arrived at the Pickup Point.

What do I need to collect the order at the Pickup Point?
We are only able to keep your order for a limited amount of time. You can check this information in the Order details. If the order is not collected within this timeframe, it will be destroyed. Please note that we do not provide any refunds if you fail to collect your order within the specified timeframe.
How long will my order be available at the Pickup Point?
If you are not happy with the quality of your product, lodge your complaint or query at the Pickup Point or contact us through support in the app.
What do I do if I am not happy with the quality of my product?